10 Fantastic Photography Tips

We’ve put together our favourite photo tips and tricks to help you become a better photographer. Forget about relying on lady luck, or wasting your precious time wading through and deleting disappointing pictures, we’ll help you get it right first time. Making it easier to print your favourite photos and share the highlights of your life online. So whether you’re going to be out & about photographing weddings, your kids and pets, enjoying family days out, or you latest holiday, follow our advice for fantastic photos to be proud of.

1. Get inspired

Flick through online photo galleries, you’ll find they’re a great source of inspiration when it comes to taking your own images.

2. Personal photography manual

Use a Photo book or Stylebook as your own personal photography manual. Include details on how you took the shots, the settings you used, and any other handy hints. It’s a great way to learn.

3. Off centre

It’s tempting to just aim your camera directly at your subject and shoot. You can create a more dynamic feel though by placing your main subject slightly off centre.

4. Steady support

Tripods aren’t the easiest things to carry around but they do enable you to use a slow shutter speed without getting camera shake.

5. Waste of space

Wasting space is widely regarded as one of the most common crimes committed by amateur photographers. Some pictures work with plenty of space around the main subject but most have more impact close up.

6. Show off the shape

Interesting shapes are best shown against a plain background where there is little or nothing to distract the eye.

7. Strong lighting

Strong direct light from behind the camera works well with architectural shots but is usually very unflattering for portraiture.

8. Magical monochrome

Black & white images are great for disguising clashing colours and focusing your attention on the mood of the picture instead.

9. Light ideas

Experiment with different light sources such as candlelight, firelight and tungsten to give a different feel to your photos.

10. Make a gift

Use your new stylish photos as a great personalised gift. Create home ware, books or calendars from your photos for your friends and family.

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